“With the Gospel to the End; With the Lord to the Last”



"Please stand up for the poor, help the children of the needy. “- (Psalm 72:4)

"Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me." (Mark 9:37)

“Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute.”(Psalm 82:3)

''The Masters Children Care'' is for orphans or semi-orphans and poor children. Children who do not have parents or relatives to take care are provided with residential child care facilities. Such children are provided with food, clothing, shelter and education so as to provide a conducive environment for them to develop in life. Today’s complex society requires the church to address the hurts, disappointment and challenges in our lives with Biblical solutions.

Millions of marginal children crave love, security and protection. Though all are born with potential and abilities, the environment and family background tends to hinder the development of the underprivileged children of India. Most such ill-fated children are orphans, semi-orphans, and destitute children from disturbed or broken families. The unmet needs of these deprived children often result in child labor, street children, pick pockets, sex workers, juvenile delinquents, drug addiction, suicidal tendencies, terrorism and antisocial behavior. Eventually, the corrupted children become social misfits and burden the family, church and society. Children cannot be blamed for this unwanted behavior, as poverty and insecurity are the two main reasons for this problem. It has been the responsibility of the church to handle this social problem with a Christian approach.

The best way for you to help these children is with your monthly donations. The ongoing need we have in caring for the orphans is financial assistance to provide the compassionate physical care that these children need. We want to make life altering changes in the situation of these children by supplying nutritious food. Next, once the child is fed it is important for the child to have education. We assist in this by buying books and school supplies for their educational needs. We are also here to help with certain emergency needs for assistance for personal needs and medical needs. Messiah Messengers Ministries continues to bring hope and save lives, but we need you now more than ever before.

God has extensively used this ministry to reach out to the needy and poor. We need to establish a CHILDREN HOME, where we can provide education and clothing to many children. Please pray that the Lord would rise some regular sponsors who can support for the Children Home. Please also pray for the permanent Children Home building, with complete facilities for study space and play ground. As the present rented house is not sufficient, please pray for the Children Home Building Project, and please invest your financial assistance in His Kingdom by making a commitment to adopt a child or sponsor for the Building Project. We welcome special donations for children to buy cots, mattresses, bed sheets, pillows, a television, musical instruments, bicycles, package for picnics.

Children can be sponsored at The Masters Children home with a donation of $ 80 per month. This will provide Food, Shelter, Education, Clothing, and Medical needs throughout the year. If you would like to sponsor one or more children, please contact us. We’ll be happy to send you the name of the children(s), their photo, along with a short biography so you may pray for them specifically, and correspond right to them through The Masters Children Care. When You Sponsor... Your sponsorship will provide necessities in life such as education, safe drinking water, basic healthcare, food and immunization against killer diseases to the poor and needy children. Be a difference maker today. Together let’s show the love of Christ in action.


According to the 2011 census, there are 40 million widows residing in India. Helping widows, Lepers, disabled, homeless and aged people is one of the major concerns of our ministry. Since widows are being considered as unfortunate and ill-fated in the community and are being treated as less privileged and socially outcast people, we are taking this responsibility with a great burden with the love of Christ. Often they have to beg for money for their food, medicines, clothes and other necessary needs. Many times they eat less than one meal a day. Even if they seek support from others, there is no one to help and care for them from anywhere. As a result, many of these widows are being ended up their lives on roads and in their own rooms with health issues.

Each mother has a different story to tell us how they missed their loved ones and how they feel unfortunate about their status towards the end of life, being abandoned. They have taken a lot of care of their children and they are worth their care and support back. But when they didn’t receive the love they expected from their children that they deserve. They feel lonely, depressed and unloved. The low and meager income of these women is not able to meet the basic minimum needs of their families and, as a result, they are not able to eat a balanced diet, nutritious food and often fall sick. Medicines are too expensive for these low-income women. The family members of these women have abandoned them and do not care for them. When women lose their husbands due to sickness, drunkenness, old age or any other reasons, society treats them as a curse to society. Therefore, widows in India face daily struggles socially, mentally and physically. Imagine a widow suffering with great sickness seeking help from someone but no one to answer their call. God had laid this burden and responsibility to answer their call. We need your prayers and support in making this possible. Join us to provide care that these precious widows deserve.


In India, on an average, 5.8 million Indians die because of diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart and lung diseases each year. Out of 4 Indians, 1 has a risk of dying from an NCD before the age of 70. About 1.7 million Indian deaths are caused by heart diseases every year, says the World Health Organization. A large-scale survey from 2019 found that almost 61 percent of Indian women and close to 47 percent of Indian men were unhealthy based on their poor diet and lifestyle. The most disadvantaged above among the Indians who can be considered are tribal communities, the country’s 8.9% population. The main tribal health issues are malnutrition, where they don’t get enough food or the right kind of food to stay healthy.

They often suffer from communicable and non-communicable diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, leprosy, HIV/Aids, diarrhea, respiratory infections, and diseases spread by insects or animals, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and mental disorders due to several factors like poor sanitation and hygiene, and limited access to healthcare. According to a study, about 13% of tribal adults have 25% have high blood pressure. More than 72% of tribal men 15-54 years of age use tobacco and more than 50% consume alcohol against 56% and 30% of non-tribal men.

The prominent challenges of tribal health are inadequate healthcare facilities and infrastructure, insufficient access to clean water and sanitation facilities, shortage of healthcare professionals to serve in tribal regions, low income tribal communities to afford healthcare expenses, cultural sensitivities and language barriers and connectivity and geographical barriers such as a lack of roads, transportation facilities and communication network. Imagine carrying a tribal pregnant woman on the family’s shoulders during her time of conceiving a child losing her life and baby in the womb just due to lack of roads and medical emergencies. Even sometimes, conception done in the middle of the dense forests without any equipment to treat her, leads to cutting their umbilical cords with stones. There are hundreds of real brutal incidents we often encounter and listen to every day from all parts of India.

This is the greatest tragedy in India. But we as stewards of God, MMM have a burden to respond with the love of God to these unrecognized tragedies by providing emergency medical facilities and the intensive care they deserve. MMM has a vision to create hospitals and emergency Medical Vehicles to take part in tackling the medical issues in these unreached tribal hamlets. This impacts not only people with medical care, but opens massive opportunities to proclaim and share the love of Christ, leading to an everlasting impact. We are ready to invest our lives in bringing hope to these precious people. This is merely not possible unless God’s people join their hands together to bring an everlasting impact. Come!! Join us. We need your prayers and financial assistance like never before.

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. James 1:27